Setting up SOPHOS on a school computer
How to install:
Make sure that you are logged on as an administrator. This program will not download if you do not have administrator rights.

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Click on Tools
3. Go down to Internet Options
4. Click on the Connections tab
5. Click on the LAN Setting button
6. Click on the Advanced button
7. In the white box under Exceptions type: ;10.98.*.*
8. Click ok
Click ok
Click ok
9. Click on the following link for all non mac machines.
10. Click save – Save it to your desktop
11. Double click the file you saved. Then,
  • Click install
  • Click next
  • Take the defaults and continue clicking next till the Update source dialog box appears.

12. In the address box delete the word Sophos and type in:
13. click next
14. Click finish – Restart Computer
15. Open the Sophos program
  • Right Click on the SOPHOS shield (blue shield located bottom right corner of screen in system tray)
  • Select "Open"
16. Click on Configure Sophos Anti-Virus
17. Then click on “On-access scanning”
18. Under “Other Scanning options”, click first three boxes
19. Under “Options", click the last three boxes.
20. Click on the “Clean-up” tab
• Place a check next to “Automatically clean up items...”
• Click next to “Delete”
• Click “OK”
21. Click on “Right Click Scanning”
• Under options tab, click all boxes.
• Under clean-up tab, click "Automatically clean up items...”
• Click next to “Delete”
Put check in front of "automatically clean up adware and PUAs"
22. Click on “Suspicious Behavior Detection”
Check all except "alert only"
Click "ok"
23. Web Protection
Make sure there is a check in the "block access..."
24. Select User rights
Place a check in all boxes.
25. Click on the “Back” button

26. Click on “Configure Update" under the updating section.
• Click on the “Schedule” tab
• Remove the check from in front of “Check for updates on dial-up”
• Click “Apply” and “OK”

27. Click on “Scans” and click "Set up New Scan"
For scan name, put "scheduled"
• Put a check mark in front of “Local Disc (C)"
• Click on “Configure this Scan”
• Look under “ Options”
• Put a green check in front of the last four boxes
28. Click on the “Clean-up” tab
• Put a check in front of “Automatically clean up....”
• Click in front of “Delete”
Put a check in front of "automatically clean up adware and PUAs"
• Click “Apply” and “OK”

29. Click on the “Schedule this scan”
30. Click in front of “Enable Scan”
• Put checks in front of one day of the week you know your computer will be on.
• Choose a time for it to run the scan. It would be best if this time was when you most likely will not be using the computer. (lunch time, etc.)
• Put in your computer user name (this is not your email—it is what you use to log on to your computer)
• Put in your password (this is not your email—it is what you use to log on to your computer)
31. Click “OK”


If you do not use a password to log onto windows you will receive and error dialog box telling you that your password is wrong or that it violates the security policy for that machine.Contact Tech Team.