Original Workshop and Resources
Presented by: Louisiana DOE and Pacific Metric Corporation


Louisiana, the Pelican state, has created an EAGLE: Enhanced Assessment Grade Level Expectations. This program provides immediate feedback to teachers of their student’s knowledge of designated GLE’s. Don’t worry, we are still the Pelican state! Basically a teacher logs into the Eagle system, creates a test, and distributes it to his/her students. All test items are aligned to GLE’s and teachers can use the Eagles pre-made tests or create one using the item bank.

This workshop is divided into sixteen sections. The Eagle PD also include a discussion board. You can post questions, comments, or ideas on the discussion board. To access the discussion board for click the discussion tab (above), red tab top center, on the page. Let's get started with logging in.

Logging into EAGLE

1) Go to www.louisianaeagle.org
2) Select "Click here to launch EAGLE"
3) When prompted to close the window, click "yes"
4) Enter your assigned user name and password

Print the EAGLE Tutorial

Print this document for step-by-step directions on using EAGLE. Start with the step AFTER log-in. Use the above directions for "Logging into EAGLE."


Busby's Brief EAGLE Overview

Techie Note

If you are using Firefox or Mozilla you may have problems with parts of EAGLE. Using Internet Explorer solves the problems. I don’t know a lot about this part, but was told yesterday that even using Firefox or Mozilla there is a way to have that search engine flip over to Internet Explorer for certain websites such as EAGLE….(you would have to ask a techee about such).

Log In

1. Go to www.louisianaeagle.org or you can access the site through www.louisianaschools.org, then click on TESTING, then click on the EAGLE logo

2. The next page looks like what is shown below. Enter your User Name and Password (the EAGLE leader at your school and the principal have these).

Inside EAGLE

The next page looks like this. You can click on the Teacher Tutorial for more instructions.
The Student Tutorial would be good for the kids to use the first time they go to the site. You can use premade tests or you can make your own exams under TEST ADMINISTRATION. You can have the students take the tests on the computer (it will grade most of the questions if you do this…won’t grade the constructed response questions) OR you can print the tests if you do not have computer lab access (you will need to grade them then). It can target specific GLEs or use the Comprehensive Curriculum Units as the structure. Tests can be shared with other teachers or you can keep them private. Tests that you create will be there again next year. The student data is purged each summer. The teacher instruments are kept in the system.