Geaux Google


Welcome to Geaux Google. Google is so much more than a search engine! There are numerous tools you could use daily, some of which will save you time. You DO NOT have to have a gmail account to use these Google tools. You can register with Google using any email address!

This workshop is divided into seven sections. As you complete each section, follow the "next" link on the top left of each page. Each section will also include a discussion board topic. To access the discussion board for each section, click the discussion tab, red tab top center, on the page. Let's get started with an overview of Google Tools.

Google Tools Overview

If Google is one of your favorite search engines, you have probably been to the site numerous times, but have you looked at more than the search engine?

When you arrive to the Google homepage, you will notice a band across the top: Web, image, video, maps, news, shopping, gmail, more and to the right, sign in. If you have not made yourself a Google account, go ahead and do that now. Remember you do not have to create a gmail account, you can use any email address.

We will not cover ALL things google, because that would take quit some time. Follow the "more" and then "even more" link and you will get a glimpse of what I mean. This list doesn't even touch all the tools in the lab!

For this workshop we will look at the following topics:
Advanced Search
Google Documents
Google Calendar
We will end with a glimpse of a few other tools which need little explaination;)