Get IT² ~ Get Innovative Technology Tips

Presenter: Lisa Dick

The Get IT² workshop is filled with innovative technology tips which help to build your PLN, Personal Learning Network. We start off learning to share:) With these share sites you are sure to save time! To aid in communication and collaboration, we then work on organization. Don't forget to FEED! Speaking of feeding, we must stop by Twitter. Now we are off to share with our students and PLN!

Workshop Resources

You can access the most recent Get IT² workshop files below. Please make sure to notify us before reusing materials.
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Workshop Notes

Thanks for attending the Get IT² workshop! Is your head swimming with information? Each workshop opens so many conversations, and below are the outcome of some such discussions. Help build this wiki by adding to this page below:

What is a PLN, Personal Learning Network?

Basically the goal of a PLN is to connect with educators around the world to collaborate and share information. Some refer to PLN as a Professional Learning Network. As you find Web 2.0 resources that are right for you, you learn about various people. As you join groups you connect to even more people. As you ask questions and answer questions, you strengthen your PLN. This workshop focuses on steps to creating your PLN. The great fact about a PLN is that everyones is different and can be built in a variety of ways.

What is Web 2.0?
In the past, the key purpose of the web was information whether it was finding an address, shopping, or reading news. Now the web is interactive. It is all about connect with others, sharing, and collaborating.

Are you ready for some Google Tutorials?
So, you haven't gotten started playing around with Google possibilities? Below you will find a list of tutorials to help break you in to the possibilities.
Google Docs
Google Calendar

Creating your own start page
Getting Started

Feeds and Widgets
No, they aren't over your head. In fact they are pretty fun once you get started.
What is a feed?
Embedding Google Cal