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Google Advanced Search

There are two areas you can look at to narrow down your search. First let's just do a general search. Type any word to search. After you push search, you will notice that a left navigation bar appears along with your results which appear in the center of the page. Here you can narrow your search for only maps, images, news, etc. Look down further. Have you sometimes had trouble thinking of the exact topic you wish to find? Or maybe you would just like to look at a few related topics. Click the "Wonder Wheel" to view a semantic web of related topics. There is also a list of related items further down the navigation bar. Under the Wonder Wheel you will see "More Search Tools", select it. Now you have opened up numerous other options. One of my favorites is the timeline. Select a few different options on the left nav bar to see what happens.

The second way to narrow down your results is the actual "advanced search" Under your original search bar, you will see "advanced search" under the search button. Click it.

My two favorite sections of the advanced search is "File type" and "Search within a site or domain." If you would like to find only PowerPoints, you would select Microsoft PowerPoint in the drop down next to "File type." You can even narrow it down more by selecting the site or domain. One choice would be .edu. then all your results would be from an educational site. Another way you can search is all pages and files located in a particular site, such as

As you make changes, you will notice words being added to the original search. These words can be typed into the typical search bar to narrow down results, or you can just keep using the "advanced search" link. Try it out!

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