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Google Calendar

Picture_7.pngAs with other Google Tools, to access the Calendar just click Calendar at the top left of the screen. What can you do with this tool? You can create numerous calendars, color code them, share them, or view shared calendars. This screen shot is my Google Calendar.

Let's first look around. The center is your calendar. I have five being displayed. I know this by looking along the left nav bar. Under "My Calendars" any calendar I am currently displaying is highlighted in the color I have designated for that calendar. Below "Other calendars" I am only displaying one of the two calendars being shared with me.

How do you turn on and off the calendar display? You just click the name of the calendar. How do you change between views? You click the view you want from the selections on the top right: day, week, month, 4days, agenda. How can you quickly add an event? Just click the box or "Create event" located on the top left. View below video for a walk through the basics.

Some of you might already have a calendar you use regularly. Why use Google Calendar? First of all you can probably already sync the Google Calendar with whichever calendar you currently use. Second it is super easy to access the calendar from multiple locations such as your phone. With apps such as SaiSuke you can add items to your calendar, and they are automatically updated on your Google Calendar. If you embed your Google calendar on your website, blog, etc., it is also updated automatically. Thus with a click of a button, you could have three or more locations updated at one time! Numerous districts, schools, and educators use this feature to share information with the public. Follow the below links for additional Google Calendar Tutorials:
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