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Google Docs

Google Docs has saved numerous school districts thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. How? Google Docs can actually replace your use of Microsoft Office in the classroom and probably even for your personal use. Since you are already signed into Google, just click "Documents" on the top left of the page. Don't see it? Just click "More" and then "Documents". Watch this short introduction video.

With Google Documents you can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and drawings. Here is another brief video to walk you through creating a document, sharing it, and creating folders. You don't have to create new ones either. You can upload existing files. This works great for those of you with smart phones such as the iPhone. There are numerous apps which will allow you to view your online Google Documents using your mobile device. One way you can share a file is through the use of a link, such as this one for one of my classes. Anyone with this link can now edit the spreadsheet. My students will respond according to their student number, so no one will erase each others.

If you are wanting your students to keep a notebook/binder, you could have them use Google Docs with the folder option. Another options which is no longer supported is Google Notebook. Follow this link for an example of it. It is cool with the tag option! I'm still using it with no issues;)

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