Wild World of Web 2.0

Presenter: Lisa Dick

The Wild World of Web 2.0 workshop is filled with resources for you! This workshop begins with an introduction to "What is Web 2.0?" This PD is more of a sampler of Web 2.0. Most sites can be used in any classroom no matter the subject.

Workshop Resources

You can access the most recent Wild World of Web 2.0 workshop files below. Please make sure to notify before reusing materials.

Workshop Notes

Thanks for attending the Wild World of Web 2.0 workshop! Is your head swimming with information? Each workshop opens so many conversations, and below are the outcome of some such discussions. Help build this wiki by adding to this page below:

Take Wordle to the next level with Tagxedo! Tagxedo allows you to create a tag cloud similar to Wordle, but puts it in a shape. You can copy and paste or use a particular website url. Thanks Crook!

Do you need an easy method of online notetaking? Awesome Highlighter is a great tool to use for taking notes online. You simpley highlight key points on a page, and they are copied to your Awesome notes account along with the original website title and and url. All notes can be tagged according to topic. Then you can pull up all notes on that topic. Thanks Caroline!

Eyeplorer is a great search tool. It integrates a typical web search with a graphic. There is even a built in notebook tool to drag and drop your findings! This is a great twist to Google. Thanks LaTokey!

Would you like to create, store, or print quizzes online? Quizinator could be for you! Yes, it is completely free;) Thanks Kim S!