Edline Admin Team

Thank you for being a part of our Website Team! Below you will find resources to help you activate your account, add content, and more.


Each of the below videos are less than five minutes in length. You will be a master in no time! Go to www.mindenhigh.com to get started.

Step One: Activating Your Account

Before you get started, you need your activation code (see handout). Watch this video on creating your account.

Step Two: Adding Information

Now the fun begins! Let's look at adding items to the news and calendar, plus a few more tidbits

Step Three: Practice

Just like with anything, practice makes perfect. You will not want to wait a month to log in, just try making a few updates or additions per week. You aren't going to mess up anything that cant be fixed. Check out the additional videos and try some new things out

Additional Videos

Updating Your Profile
Out of everything you can do on our website, this will probably be the easiest! Why didn't I put it first? I have no clue:) Just watch this brief video and you will have your profile fully updated in just a couple minutes. http://screencast.com/t/hk4Tu8iQugJ

Updating a Page Using Boxes
Im sure you would like to personalize your site by adding other features which are called "boxes" in Edline. When you add boxes, you can choose from a variety of types such as links, slideshow, blog, or document (shown in video example). Watch this video to personalize your site using boxes. This video was originally created for teachers having multiple webpages/sites via jPams import. Parents DO NOT have to log in to see everything. If they create an account, they will have a schedule of their child's classes and that is how they will access the teacher websites otherwise people will just find everything from our navigation page http://screencast.com/t/Ux6fFgYp97

Creating an Image for Your "Main Box"
This video will walk you through using Pixlr to create an image for your website. Pixlr is a free website similar to Photoshop without all the bells and whistles. The example demoed is for the "Main Box" on a teacher's class website, but you can easily see how this can be used for most anything you wish to create. http://screencast.com/t/7taQpA7a

Teacher Websites
When teachers log into the site, they will find class websites which have already been created using imported information from jPams. They can decide how many websites to keep for each class such as one for each different subject. For multiple pages/sites there is only one place on the created websites that needs to be edited for each class you see listed, the "main box." After that, everything done can just be multi posted to all pages. Watch this video on finding teacher websites and editing the "main box." http://screencast.com/t/kIWTNcBFl

Adding Items to teacher/coach Calendars AND MHS Calendar
This video walks you through adding an item to your class, club, or sport calendar, while adding it to the main MHS calendar.

Edline Resources

When you visit these sites, make sure to change the drop-down on the right from "Superuser" to "Teacher." This will filter the videos to resources you would find the most helpful.

Top Teacher Resources http://eec.edline.com/products/edline/
Training Videos http://eec.edline.com/products/edline/training-videos/
Paper Style http://eec.edline.com/products/edline/documentation/