iAddict ~ Two great workshops put into one for all you iAddicts out there!

Presenter: Lisa Dick

The iAddict workshop is a combination of the iPhone and iClass Workshops. It is a minimum of two hours filled to the brim with all things "i". The iAddict workshop starts off with iPhone/Touch tips and accessories. Then we visit the vital part of any iPhone/iTouch workshop, the apps. These apps have been selected with you, the educator, in mind. You will be introduced to a wide variety of useful apps for both areas of your life, home and work. You will then be introduced to iClass ~ iTouch in the Classroom begining with a look at tips and accessories then we visit numerous apps as well as additional resources for both workshops.

Workshop Resources

You can access the most recent iAddict workshop files below. Please make sure to notify us before reusing materials.
external image pdf.png iAddict.pdf

Workshop Notes

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