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iProducts~iTunes and U


Welcome to iProducts~iTunes and U. In the previous workshop, iProducts~Just the Basics, you downloaded iTunes and were given a very brief introduction. Now we are going to delve further into the world of iTunes! As you complete each section, follow the "next" link on the top left of each page. Each section will also include a discussion board topic. To access the discussion board for each section, click the discussion tab, red tab top center, on the page. Let's get started with an overview of iTunes.

iTunes is for both PC and MAC users. If you haven't yet downloaded iTunes, follow this link to get started iTunes9.png

Picture_3.pngOverview of iTunes

iTunes is much more than a music player. If this screen shot is the only thing you have visited in iTunes, you are missing a world of possibilities especially in the classroom! iTunes is an avenue to download and enjoy numerous multimedia content. Below are the different areas of iTunes:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Podcasts
  • Applications
  • Radio

You can see each of these sections on the top left of your iTunes screen under Library. We will spend most of our time in the iTunes Store, but as you download items this is where they will appear. Go ahead and click each area to see what you have in the libraries.

You can also change the layout of iTunes by selecting one of the three layout options which are located to the left of the search bar. This screenshot is in the first layout option, list. The three options are list, grid, or cover flow.

How have you previously used iTunes? Answer on the discussion board tab for this page.