iProducts~Just the Basics

Presenter: Lisa Dick


Welcome to iProducts~Just the Basics! Whether you have never touched an iProduct (iTouch, iPhone, iPad) or are just getting started, this workshop is for you. You will also find a table of contents on the bottom of this page. If you are already familiar with iProducts, you can pick and choose contents to view.

Completing the Training

iProducts~Just the Basics is divided into five sections. Before beginning, download and print eTechie Online Professional Development.pdf to complete during the training. To begin, click the "Get Started" arrow below. To flip between sections, follow the "PREVIOUS HOME NEXT" links on the top of each page. Each section includes a discussion board topic. After completing the page, click the discussion board tab on the top to respond to the discussion topic. Introduce yourself on this page's discussion board, then get started!

Table of Contents

What are iProducts?

How do I set-up my iProduct for the first time?

What is iTunes?

How could an educator use these products?


iPhone Image: Marc Samuel http://knol.google.com/k/marc-samuel/iphone/34hdx7ks0jha3/83